Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spanish pillage of Catalonia

Justa few examples:
Recently the Spanish government spent €5 millions just to renew the Spanish embassy in Rabat while the whole cost of ALL Catalan delegations overseas (the ones you mentioned) is €2.5 million.
43 cents out of each euro we pay in taxes is not invested in Catalonia .

15 days without fiscal pillage would pay all cuts in Catalan health care for a whole year.

In two years without fiscal pillage Catalonia wouldn't have any debt.

The Spanish state finances between 80 and 90% of the cost of a a senior in a public residence in sevral regions of Spain while it only finances 50% in Catalonia.

In Madrid public health care has been reduced €4 for each insured person. In Andalusia €6 and in Catalonia €170.

In Catalonia 67% of highways are toll roads while in Madrid only 4%. We Catalans pay a total in toll roads as... France while in Madrid you can use free highways to go anywhere in the peninsula.

In Barcelona there are 7400 openings in public kindergarten, while in Seville there are 22000..

In Catalonia there is a computer for every 5 students. In Extremadura one for every two students.

A course in a nursery college in Barcelona costs a minimum of 1423 EUROS. In Madrid €1088.

Catalonia has the highest taxes in Spain.

Public Catalan workers wages have been decreases 5% more than those of the rest of the Spanish state.

In Madrid teachers get paid for two extra hours thos course. Not in Catalonia.

Public investment in infrastructures has been reduced 8% in Madrid, 7% in Castilla La Mancha, 45% in Catalonia. It has been increased 9% in Galicia, 17% in the Basque country.

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