Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The New Euro

I disagree on the idea of the euro being not so bad "if countries followed the rules". The matter is not about following rules - as, incidentally, most economic press says - but on the whole idea of some countries (mainly Germany) selling high added-value products to other countries for over two decades and financing part of these sales with tax payers funds from all countries. So there is no "support" of wealthier countries to poorer countries but support to industrial corporations from public funds, while other industry in Catalonia -for example- was sold or shut down. This is what the European Union and the idea of free trade was about. What the poorer countries had to do is to increase their productivity and all these policies have been aimed in the opposite direction so some corporations could increase their gains. People say Greece borrowed money but think about how many Audis and BMWs have been sold to Greece, just to mention a couple of examples.

Butr how can Spain, Greece, Ireland and Portugal be left out of the Euro in a politically correct way?
There is a solution that could be already in the minds of some technocrats in Berlin and Paris. A new currency- that could may be well called the New Euro- will be accessible for selected countries, those of the the higher speed.

This would allow the PIGS -and maybe some other country like Italy and Belgium- to reach by devaluation of the regular euro the growth required to create jobs and pay back the debt that internal devaluation alone will only make bigger.

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